I just can’t forgive myself!

Do you have trouble forgiving yourself? Have you done something that you believe is so terrible that you can’t stop condemning yourself for it? Do you consistently bring it up to God? What if I told you that what you are trying to do is a sin?

God gave the Son of Man the authority on earth to forgive sins. (Mathew 9:6) Jesus hung on the cross, endured a horrible death to redeem you from your sin. Once you have accepted Jesus Christ as your savior you are saved. Your sins are forgiven because He took them on himself. You cannot forgive yourself because you do not have the authority from heaven to do so.

This issue if you will? is a classic female malady. Women consistently tell me “I just can’t forgive myself.” I say “No you cannot, you do not have the authority to do that.” God gave the authority to our Savior, His Son, to do that. By expressing your inability to be unable to forgive yourself you are in effect saying you are suffering from the sin of unbelief or lack of faith or both. In truth, pride is probably the biggest demon here.

Since the beginning of time Satan has been twisting God’s Word just a little to trip us up or keep us hand cuffed to our past. By doing so, we become ineffective for Christ, we can’t walk in freedom. If you are suffering from this chronic problem can I offer you some relief? May I gently remind you that you are not in control? Take your burden to the cross for the last time. Ask the Great I AM to forgive you for your sin of pride, unbelief or lack of faith and step into the Promised Land with no baggage. Learn to embrace the new creation you are in Christ. Accept this free gift and wear it every day from now on.

Just imagine with me if all those reading this were able to let go of the past and walk in freedom from this day forward how much work would get done for the Kingdom? Go ahead, take the key God has given you and unlock the handcuffs.

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