Fashion Statement

Each prison population has a designated color assigned to them. Each uniform for that prison is exactly the same color and style. Even their undergarments are all the same. Once a person is incarcerated they will wear the same outfit every day. The only personal item that is different among the population is their shoes.

As I stand in front of the prison population each week I am often struck by this sea of color. Females, as you might imagine, are not at all happy about this fashion trend. They desire to be individuals and work hard to create their own sense of style with these shapeless cotton garments that are assigned to them. It can be amusing to see what they can do to create a fashion statement with so little to work with. No matter how hard they try they are still swallowed up in the sea of sameness when they are assembled together.

Even though they hate the lack of individuality this provides it gives me great comfort and encouragement. When I look out over them and their uniformity I am reminded that the very thing they despise is what I love. Their uniform reminds me that God sees us all the same. He doesn’t look down from heaven and say “Oh there is my upper class citizen, and there are my poor pitiful poverty stricken people.” God’s people all look the same to Him, He loves us all the same!!! It is not a beauty contest. What we would consider our flaws are actually beauty marks from our creator. We are all individual to God and yet all the same. We have a wonderful loving God who has created us in His image. So, you see we all look like Him if we are truly His child. He then gives His children individual talents and traits that set us apart from others (tennis shoes). God is an amazing complex God who hasn’t neglected a single detail.

I am praying the next time you look into the mirror you will see God’s creativity smiling back at you instead of the perceived inadequacies you have convinced yourself of. Then put your shoes on and see where He leads.


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