Cleanup Project

We have a trash transfer station or dump in our city where items that no longer have a use are disposed of. It is smelly, loud and filthy. The refuse is dumped and a steel plate immediately comes down and begins to compress the garbage, smashing it again and again to be certain it is compacted with as little air space left as possible. More and more unwanted items are spilled and crushed until it is no longer possible to identify anything in this disgusting mess.

This is the vision I get when I think about our human nature and how we handle our own personal battles with our flesh. Our hurt can be so intense and gut wrenching that we find it difficult to cope. We try our best to hide, crush or beat down the memory until it disappears. Much like that trash compactor we push the garbage down trying without success to press it into submission leaving it to rot.

This interesting scenario is really masquerading as unforgiveness. Some of you are probably sitting there saying “I don’t have a problem with forgiveness! I have been wronged and my feelings are hurt. I have a right to feel like this.” While it is true that you may have convinced yourself of the right to feel this way it doesn’t line up with God’s sovereign order of things.

Unforgiveness can be a lifelong spiritual illness that seems to have no remedy. Families tend to teach each other how to do it with perfection. It will take faith and complete trust in your Savior to break free of this vicious way of life. It can become our mission work if we are not careful.

Let’s get this cleanup project started, spring is on the way and God is waiting!

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